Artist Statement

Design is very important in my art work. My love of nature, marine biology, microbiology, astronomy, and other sciences are underlying themes. Organic shapes are predominant. Abstraction is present in some works, but more often my pieces are non-objective. I enjoy that each observer sees something different in the art because the subject matter is not always spelled out for them.

I most often work with watercolor, liquid acrylics and tube acrylics. Most of all, I’m an experimental artist. I like to try new ways of handling or combining many different materials to add texture and interest to a surface. I make some of my own papers and sculpt or collage with them.

My series of woven paintings are a study in contrasts. They are made with two distinct paintings that relate in color and composition and are woven together. One painting is done on shiny, slick yupo paper. The other is done on fibrous, absorbent, non-shiny tyger rag paper. One painting has straight cuts, the other, curved edges.

Discovering monoprints and monotypes as well as collagraphs has enriched my work. They often make an interesting start for many of my paintings. One of my favorite ways to work is with collage and a combination of all of the above.