Woven Works

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I’ve been experimenting with woven paintings. Basically, I weave two acrylic paintings together. I’ve invented different ways of interlocking the two paintings. So far, I’ve tried basically three different ways.

I am also experimenting with different papers and different ways to cut and weave those papers. When I am working, I think of the weavings in terms of contrast. Sometimes, one paper is smooth, the other is fibrous. One painting is cut with straight lines, the other with curvy lines. One paper is transparent, the other, opaque.

In order to achieve my light, medium and dark forms in the overall work, it takes a lot of pre-planning regarding where paint is applied in both paintings so that a light, medium and dark area will be created when the two paintings come together.

All my woven paintings so far have been done with synthetic papers. One is called Yupo and the other is called Tyger Rag. In using Yupo, it comes in light, medium, and heavy weights. It comes in transparent, translucent, and opaque finishes. It is smooth and shiny and has a very flat surface. The Tyger Rag paper is very fibrous and has texture and a non-flat looking surface.

These two papers are very strong and therefore good for the pulling and tugging necessary for weaving with them. I’m experimenting with one transparent paper woven with one opaque paper and so forth. Working in this way has given me many more ideas that I want to try. I also add some collage materials into my woven paintings.